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Soap Squad

2016-09-11 19:09:51 by Mizzjuicyflava

I wonder what happened to them. I miss my buddies. I was in the process of making a Soup Squad Tshirt, then i got robbed. Fucked my place up man. Fucked it aaaallll up. But any of you soup folks read this, just inbox Ol Juicy a hello. Love and miss you guys.

The Old Navy Is Going out of business in Greenwood, SC

2015-07-12 21:32:50 by Mizzjuicyflava

Im going to miss ol Scruffy.



Im still crazy as hell!!!



2014-12-24 23:31:06 by Mizzjuicyflava



2014-10-10 21:37:24 by Mizzjuicyflava

my fat black ass aint been here in a damn while! Whats been going on ?

So to day was the last final of my second semester.. All As and Bs bitch!! lol anyway.

Surgical technology has its ups and downs and its funny moments. Im going to share a few of the funny moments.


1. While going under anesthesia, a patient farted and stunk so bad that the surgical team had to wait a few minutes befor prepping and drapping.

2. During  a rt hip replacement, the surgeon cut off the head of the femur. The surgi tech took the head and put it in a specimen jar and told the circulator ( nurse) " I got some head for you...you know want it"

3. While going under under anesthesia, the patient  keep talking about the nurse's butt and wanted to touch it.

4. A dude got a hard on while under anesthesia...he was huge.

Well thats about it for now.



I bought a new car.

2014-03-28 22:42:52 by Mizzjuicyflava



Ill be 29 next month

2014-01-09 16:43:50 by Mizzjuicyflava

Im going to do 29 stupid things next month. Help complete this list.

1. Eat a sock

2. Run in the street naked

3. arrested for indecent exposure?

i need a new car

2013-12-26 17:14:46 by Mizzjuicyflava

but im too poor. what should i do?

And Two more to go...Yeah the spring and summer. In Janurary Ill be in the OR in scrub performing my skills. Im totally excited. 3399293_138689279241_OliviaandAlina.jpg